One of the coolest and most surprising things to happen to me since starting this blog is that people have actually sent me free books to review. To all of those who have, I can give a very hearty thank you! Not everything reviewed here was provided free, however. I’ve bought quite a bit of it fair and square. As an author myself, however, I deeply understand just how tough it is to get reviews. I like to help when I can.

In the interests of making things transparent for my readers and for helping those who are seeking reviews, here is my review policy.

  • Please contact me first before just dumping a file on me and ask if I’m interested. You can reach me at Russell at Silver Empire dot org.
  • I love science fiction and fantasy. I’m most likely to read those genres. But I read a lot, so I might be interested in others as well. I don’t accept romance novels. You wouldn’t want me to, anyway. I’m not your guy for that.
  • I don’t read products just to review them. I only read them if they seem interesting.
  • I don’t mind indie or self published works, but see the previous note.
  • Even if I accept your work, I might never actually get around to reviewing it. I’ll try my best, but I make no promises.
  • Even if I review it, it might take a while. I read things in the order they interest me, not in the order I receive them.
  • If I do actually read it, odds are very good I’ll review it.
  • All reviews are my honest opinions. If I don’t like it, I’ll say so.
  • I always note when I received a product for free.
  • I cross post all of my book reviews to and

You can see a list of all of my book reviews here.