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Blackberry bushes are cursed by Satan

British folklore tells us that when Saint Michael the archangel cast Lucifer from heaven, the devil landed in a blackberry bush. Thereafter, the blackberry bush is cursed.

This Sunday we Catholics celebrate the Feast of Saint Michael (Michaelmas in older English and Anglican traditions). Historically, the date was celebrated on October 10th – traditionally the day Satan fell from heaven. This was adjusted to September 29th after the change to the Gregorian calendar.

To celebrate this year, I’m putting my Peter Bishop books on sale. I mean, I kind of have to, right? The books are about a modern paladin gifted with Saint Michael’s sword and sent out to fight monsters. So it’s only fitting to pay homage to the man… er, angel himself.

From now through Monday evening, you can get the ebooks of both War Demons and Vigil for just $0.99 each.

War Demons


Driven by vengeance, Michael Alexander enlisted in the Army the day after 9/11. Five years later, disillusioned and broken by the horrors he witnessed in Afghanistan, Michael returns home to Georgia seeking to begin a new life. But he didn’t come alone. Something evil followed him, and it’s leaving a path of destruction in its wake.

The police are powerless. The Army has written Michael off. Left to face down a malevolent creature first encountered in the mountains of Afghanistan, he’ll rely on his training, a homeless prophet, and estranged family members from a love lost…

But none of them expected the dragon.

Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden collides with Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International in this supernatural thriller that goes straight to Hell!

Get the ebook for only $0.99 from the following retailers:

If you prefer print books, you can get those on sale as well, but only direct from the publisher. Paperbacks are currently $9.99, hardcovers $19.99. Finally, War Demons is available in audiobook, but sadly I have no way to discount it for you this weekend.



Three months ago, Peter Bishop lived a normal life. Working the construction site. Training in the gym. Going to mass.

All that ended when he picked up the sword of an Archangel and fought a dragon.

And lost. He lost the fight with the dragon, and it got away across the ocean with a girl in its clutches. But Peter is the Knight of the Sword of Saint Michael, and his sacred duty requires that he chase them both. He can’t leave her to her fate.

The Dragon is a terrible beast older than the Flood, and he wants out of his bindings. If Peter can’t stop his plans, the dragon will be freed to rampage all across the modern world.

His first quest as the Knight of the Sword might just be impossible.

Can Peter slay the dragon and rescue the girl before Easter morning? Or will he fail, and unleash an ancient demon on the world?

Enjoy this fast-paced, Catholic romp about a modern-day paladin and his quest to save the girl. Demons, dragons, maidens, faith, and swordfights, Vigil has it all. Read it today!

Get the ebook for only $0.99 from Amazon or direct from the publisher. The paperback is also on sale for only $4.99 direct from the publisher.

New from Silver Empire: JUSTIFIED by Jon Del Arroz

The latest release from Silver Empire is out today, and it’s already gone to #1 in Christian Science Fiction, Christian Futuristic Fiction, and Religious Science Fiction! Check out Justified by Jon Del Arroz!

To save a world…
…he must rely on God.

After years of fighting for justice with his deadly nanotech, Templar Drin abandons his post, crash landing on a desert world controlled by a tyrannical alien empire. Its inhabitants are forced into slavery, broken where a once-proud race cultivated its lands.

For the first time in Drin’s life, he has no backup, no support, none of his brothers.

He stands alone against evil.

Drin must face overwhelming odds to liberate millions of slaves from their captors and bring faith to a downtrodden world. But in his way stands the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy.

Can Drin use his Templar training to survive?

Fans of Star Wars and Warhammer 40K will love Justified, the new military science fiction epic from #1 Bestselling author, Jon Del Arroz. Read it today!

Dragon Con 2019 After Action Report

Been super busy since I got back from Dragon Con this year, but I’ve finally got a minute to post this. Morgon and I have been going to Dragon Con together for a long time now. If I’m remembering correctly, we’ve only missed it twice since 2008. This year, however, was a radically different year for us than any previous year. And it’s probably the best time I’ve ever had at the con.

This was my first year going as an Attending Professional rather than just as a regular con-goer. I sat on (actually moderated) three panels for the Fantasy Literature at Dragon Con track. One of our books from Silver Empire (Matt Ligon’s The King’s Regret) was up for a Dragon Award this year. We didn’t win, but we got to meet some great folks at the awards ceremony.

I’d like to put out a special thanks to a number of folks this year. First of all, Cisca Small, Melissa Witt, and David MacDonald for doing such an AMAZING job running the Fantasy Lit track – and for having me on this year. I can’t thank the three of you enough for all of your hard work, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.

I’d also like to thank James Hunter for taking the time to introduce me to Melissa at the con and help get us on the list for next year’s Fantasy Lit Gathering – and also just for all the other times we chatted this year. I learned a lot from talking with you, James, and from watching and listening. Also, James is truly one of the nicest guys in fantasy publishing. Glad to see you again, and looking forward to meeting up again at future cons.

Thanks to Jonathan Maberry for taking so much time this weekend to talk to a newish writer and fellow martial artist like me. And an extra thanks for letting me know where all the cool authors hang out for drinks at the con. I can’t wait to see that Joe Ledger show get made!

To all the authors and publishers I already knew and got to catch up with – Matt Ligon, Declan Finn, Michael J. Allen, Chris Kennedy, L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright, Ann Margaret Lewis, Jason Rennie, and Ben Wheeler – it was great to see you. To all the new authors I met – Amy J. Murphy, KM Herkes, Ruthanna Emrys, Trisha J. Woolridge, Anya Martin, and Marc Edelheit, it was great to meet you.

To my oldest friends, Daniel Baker and Beth Sawyer – y’all are still more than half the reason I go to Dragon Con every year. Always great to catch up, and it’s always fun!

And last but probably actually the most important of all, a very special thanks to Ed Forbes for holding things down at the dojo and Maurie Nicora for taking care of the kids so that we COULD go. None of this would’ve even been possible otherwise.

And to anybody I missed (I’m sure there’s someone) I’m terribly sorry about the oversight, I loved catching up with you, too!

Until next year, friends!