My 2019 DragonCon Panel Schedule

Heading to DragonCon this year? Come and see me! I’ll be there all weekend. And this year I’m not just attending, I’m not just on panels, I’m moderating three panels!

Magic Taking Wing: The Magical & Fantastic Birds

Sat 10:00 am / Embassy EF – Hyatt

Fantasy birds are so much cooler than chickens! Let’s talk about these magical birds of a feather, what makes them so special? How much inspiration is pulled from their mundane counter parts? From the phoenix to bond birds, it’s all game!

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea why they even put me on this panel. I don’t really have any birds in my books. So I’m gonna talk about my the Peluda dragon from War Demons instead, because it flies and it has quills so it’s kinda-not-really-at-all-like-a-bird, right?

Is It Simply Dark or Horror?

Sat 07:00 pm / Embassy EF – Hyatt

The great debate! Some claim that horror simply means there is no happy ending–could it really be that simple? Is there more to the Darkness than just being scary? Just how scary is dark fantasy before we hit horror? What makes you read a book with ALL the lights on?

This one actually sounds like a lot of fun, and dovetails nicely with my works. Because what genre are they really? Horror? Urban fantasy? Supernatural suspense? They’re kind of all three, and kind of not all three.

Meet the Dragon Awards

Sun 04:00 pm / Embassy EF – Hyatt

We are going to have a mix of past Award Winners & Finalists from this year & years past. So many good books, so many great authors!

This one should be fun. We’ve got a number of previous and current Dragon Award nominees coming, and several are Silver Empire authors.

Come and see me at any or all of these panels! Bring a book and I’ll sign it, and I’ll even have a few to give away!

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