Blood and Flesh Required

Our latest Silver Empire author, Nos Jondi, comes to us all the way from Malawi, Africa. We usually stay in the urban fantasy / supernatural thriller / horror wheelhouse. Sou you could be forgiven for thinking that his military sci-fi is a new genre for us. But it’s not quite as new for us as it seems, because today I offer you…

Werewolves and Vampires



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Blood and Flesh Required

Blood Brothers by Nos Jondi

Rising Star Captain Janet Ruvuma doesn’t know failure. 

Except in capturing Mavurama, the leader of a group of rogue, genetically engineered ex-marines. Every time she springs the trap, he slips through her fingers. Five years of pursuit and still he eludes her. The Emperor is out of patience. Ruvuma has to catch him, dead or alive, or she will taste defeat for the first time.

Mavurama desires only peace and quiet. The Emperor made him and his men what they are. He fought for the Emperor. He won the war for the Emperor. Now he wants to retire. But the Empire won’t allow it, and Mavurama will do whatever it takes to claim his peace. Even escape beyond the edge of the known galaxy.

Ruvuma and Mavurama play a cat and mouse game that stretches across the universe. But Mavurama can’t hide forever. He needs blood, and lots of it, to take with him on his trip into the unknown. Ruvuma can’t let him go. She’ll bring the fury of the empire to bear on him and his soldiers before she lets him disappear.

African Author Nos Jondi bursts onto the speculative fiction scene with his tale of mythic creatures in space, full of colorful characters and wild distant worlds that occupy the furthest reaches of space.

Will Ruvuma conquer her greatest enemy? Or will Mavurama manage to take the suicidal leap into the Dead Space of the universe first? Read BLOOD BROTHERS by Nos Jondi today to find out!

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