New Title, New Cover And a READER POLL!

After consultation with some experts who sell far more books than I do, I’ve altered the title for my upcoming novel. With it, I’ve also commissioned a new cover design. Both the title and the cover fit the genre far better. However, all of us (including the experts) had one question about the cover – and we decided the best answer was to ask you, the readers!

There are four versions of the cover above (click on the image for a larger version). One has no tagline. The other three have variations on the tagline and positioning. What do you think, dear reader? A, B, C, or D?

Polling is open until the end of this week! Vote here in the comments or on Twitter!

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0 thoughts on “New Title, New Cover And a READER POLL!

  1. Christopher Lansdown says:

    Those taglines seem to mean different things. If this is the meaning of it, have you considered:

    “When he came home… they came too.”
    “When he left the war… they followed.”
    “When he went home… it was swept and tidy and ready for seven WAR DEMONS”

    Anyway, I think that bottom-left by far looks the nicest. Bottom-right should only be if WAR DEMONS is actually part of the sentence, or it will confuse the heck out of people like me. 🙂

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