Ted Cruz is a Dealbreaker

sadtedBy choosing not to endorse Donald Trump tonight, Ted Cruz guaranteed that he will never be the GOP presidential nominee.

Everyone in DC hates him. Tonight he showed us why. It’s not because he’s separate from the establishment. He’s not and never was. The tail end of the primary cycle demonstrated this conclusively. The establishment rallied around Cruz as their candidate of last resort. It was eminently predictable – and predicted. We know him as their red headed stepchild. But even red headed stepchildren are still part of the family.

But now we know exactly why he’s the red headed stepchild and not the well loved son. He’s a weasel who can’t keep a deal. How do we know? Simple. Ted Cruz was on stage tonight because he’d agreed to endorse Trump. That’s how these things work. If he hadn’t agreed to do it, they wouldn’t have given him such a prominent speaking slot. So clearly he agreed – and then failed to follow through.

This is going to haunt him for the rest of his political career whether or not Trump wins the White House. Ted Cruz is a deal breaker. Whatever his beliefs or your beliefs or anybody else’s beliefs, Ted Cruz has proven beyond a doubt that he’s a man you simply can’t work with. When he runs next – whether in 2020 or 20204 – he will have no allies of any substance because nobody will trust him. And they shouldn’t. He can’t keep his word.

He’s also doomed with the voters. Half of those who voted for him already held their nose to do it. The 35% who voted for Trump will never vote for Cruz now because he just spat in their faces.

Ted Cruz will never be the GOP presidential nominee. Once again, he’s shot himself in the foot with his own ambition. Then again, maybe it’s just his Asperger’s.

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