What is an SJW?

SJWsAlwaysLieMy book review of SJWs Always Lie combined with yesterday’s post about originality in my mind to remind me that many of my readers may not actually know what an SJW is.

SJW stands for “Social Justice Warrior.” Although the phenomenon has been around for at least a few decades now, the term itself is relatively new. There’s some debate about the origins. Some say the Social Justice Warriors named themselves. Some irate SJWs claim that others coined it as a pejorative term. I’m more inclined to accept the former story for reasons that will soon become clear. But I have to admit straight up that I don’t actually know.

SJWs are a particular, radical subgroup of the political left. In particular, they embody an especially radical form of that distinct liberal ideology known as “progressivism.” They can be readily identified by the following features:

  • They believe in activism for the sake of activism. SJWs are all about the petitions, demonstrations, sit ins, and hashtag advocacy. It doesn’t matter much what the activism is for. The activism itself is a form of virtue signaling.
  • It doesn’t matter much what the activism is for – as long as it fits the pattern. The pattern is that the prime goal is always to root out “offensive” or “unacceptable” behavior in others.
  • “Offensive” behavior is always defined in terms of sex, race, or sexual orientation – even if the behavior in question has nothing to do with these things.
  • The more a person can identify with a “disadvantaged” social group, the higher status that person has within the SJW hierarchy. What’s more, those higher status individuals are also treated as if they have higher moral status – regardless of their own actual behavior. These people make up, in SJW minds, a kind of Sacred Victimhood.
  • SJWs assume that all non-SJWs are always and forever acting in bad faith – specifically, they’re always trying to oppress members of the Sacred Victimhood.
  • Motivation matters more to SJWs than consequences. They are actively paving the road to hell with their Good Intentions.
  • They will deny any and all aspects of objective reality in order to maintain their narrative.

They move in a herd. They are often also referred to as “rabbit people.” That’s kind of an in joke – a reference to a particular evolutionary psychology theory that some use to explain their behavior. There’s strong debate about the validity of that theory, but the name stuck because it fits. SJWs are finely attuned to the thought of the group and always move with it. They are incapable of forming their own opinions.

They often possess very slightly above average intelligence (say, an IQ in the 105 to 115 range). They are convinced that this means they are actual geniuses. They have not spent enough time around actual geniuses to know better. Many have been told all their lives that they are actual geniuses. Yes, if you’re wondering, Millennials make up the largest portion of SJWs. Baby Boomers are next.

They will always find a way to make everything about them. And it will always be about how they are victimized, because they are always victims. They simply don’t know how to operate in any other way.

They exhibit a phenomenon very similar to the famous “two minutes hate” of George Orwell’s famous novel, 1984. The herd will select a target based on their “heresy” to some particular part of the SJW Narrative. You never know who this person will be or why they will be picked, because the Narrative is always changing. Yes, that’s another similarity with Mr. Orwell’s classic. Most of the time they choose their targets from the political right, but not always. Those on the left who are not SJWs are not-infrequent targets. Sometimes they will even turn on their own, in a process that seems more akin to something out of Lord of the Flies than anything else. Nobody is safe.

I am very definitively on the rightward side of the political spectrum, yet this is not an attack on all of those on the left. I have known many on that side that I can at least sit down and have a rational discussion with. We may not change each others’ minds, but we can at least talk. You can’t have a rational discussion with an SJW – even if you’re on the left, too. It’s simply not possible to do.

This sounds extreme. Many reading this will think that this can’t possibly be right. Yet I can assure you that these people exist. I have met them. I have had run ins with them. I have watched them literally destroy the lives of their targets. I even briefly had one try to turn the two-minute-hate on me.

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One thought on “What is an SJW?

  1. Godwin says:

    You seem to be similar to me but more ”right”; although I hate calling myself left-wing. But I like how you accept that not all of those grouped as leftists are unreasonable and incapable of debate. This is similar to my view of the right, of bother conservatives and liberals. I only really feel that extremists like the SJWs, Marxists and Fascists are completely unreasonable.

    It is surprising that this was from 2016! It is even more true today!

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