Jeff Miller has left a very fantastic review of my latest science fiction and fantasy anthology, Between the Wall and the Fire. A few excerpts that particularly humbled me:

The collection starts out very strong with “Edge” by Russell S. Newquist. The story starts with some explanation of motorcycle physics and introduces the main character a P.I. You start to get the feeling of some SF noir and then the action ramps up, and ramps up again. The situation gonzo as you start to find out about the inhabitants of this world. I really enjoyed how this was layered and that for a short story a definite beginning/middle/end. Like most good short stories you are satisfied with it while at the same time wanting more. In this case I could not have thought of a better ending. Just perfect.

I’ll have a post later this week about how that particular story came about. It was an incredibly fun one to write, and I’m glad that people have enjoyed reading it. Also this:

“Knight of the Changeling” by Rusell S. Newquist was another one I greatly enjoyed. What happens in the genre of urban fantasy when a changeling is discovered and you try to recover the switched-out child? First off I just loved how the changeling was detected. Mostly I enjoyed the dangers of fairy land and then how it was all resolved.

This story, on the other hand, was a giant pain in the rear from beginning to end. I had thought that the theme of “family” would make for an easy Peter Bishop story. That was not the case at all. Even coming up with the concept for this story was like pulling teeth. So I’m very glad that people enjoyed the final product!

Jeff also has some really wonderful things to say about my fellow co-authors on this anthology, and you should definitely take the time to pop over and read the whole thing. On behalf of all of those co-authors, we thank you Jeff!

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