An Interview With Declan Finn – Part 3

"Honor At Stake" by Declan Finn
“Honor At Stake” by Declan Finn

When I started reading Declan Finn’s early novel A Pius Man, I reached out to him and asked if he was interested in doing a blog interview. He graciously accepted. As before, this interview will be in three parts, posted over three days. I hope to have my review of the novel up next week. The first part focuses on the books – particularly on The Pius Trilogy. The second part focuses on his experiences with writing and publishing. This third part focuses on Mr. Finn himself.

You can find out more about Mr. Finn’s works at his web site.

Bold text is my questions. The rest is Mr. Finn’s response, presented without editing unless noted.

Aside from authors and works previously listed as inspiration, can you tell us what your own favorite sff authors and works are?

Those are easy: Timothy Zahn’s body of work, from his Star Wars to his Baen. John Ringo, most specifically his Princess of want series. J. Michael Straczysnki, for Babylon 5. And when I want Star Trek, Peter David and only Peter Dated. Zahn has characters who think, mostly spies. Ringo balances humor and action. JMS is where I learned character and construction of story. And Peter David for when I just want to go off the wall.

Favorite current sff show and/or movie?

Of current shows, right now, the best fantasy show on television is probably Grimm, with science fiction being The Flash. (Unlike some people, I have problems seeing Person of Interest as science fiction, considering most of the action is with plain old bullets. I also have problems seeing NetFlix as television. Yes, I’m a Luddite).

Like everyone else, I’m a fan of the Marvel films and Lord of the Rings. But most recent SFF film? Ender’s Game. I liked the novel The Martian, but the film had too much “I think I can top 2001: A Space Odyssey” during the course of filming.

Favorite non-sff show and/or movie?

I’m a fan of 24, and thankfully, it’s coming back. No idea if the new version will be good, but here’s hoping.

And, since we’re not talking about recent works in this question, Die Hard is my Christmas movie. From now and forever. [Editor: Yippie Kay Yay!]

Favorite current sff books?

Iron Chamber of Memory, by John C. Wright. And Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine. Though I recommend the upcoming The Big Sheep by Rob Kroese

Favorite non-sff book?

Verticle Run, by Joseph Garber. I read it many moons ago, so I don’t know if it’s easily attainable. But if you can get your hands on it, do so. More recently than that, most anything by James Rollins.

What did you do before you became a writer?

Writer at NYU’s school of Polytechic University. Which means I was part of the creative end of the pool.

Do you still have a “real” job? If so, what do you do?

I spend 12-15 hours a day either doing promotional material or write. I’d say I have a real job now.

I do actually try for a “real” job whenever I can. Why? Because a 9-5 job would actually allow me to get more reading in on public transportation. Right now, I feel like I’m a failure if I’m not constantly working nonstop on my various and sundry projects.

Do you have a degree? If so, what in?

Master’s degree in history. I gave up part of the way through the PhD when I discovered that the college I was at was all about personal politics than actually doing the work.

Tune in tomorrow for part 3.

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