Sales Through Controversy

File770 has graciously shared the announcement of There Will Be War: Volume X, for which I am grateful. But I’m even more grateful for TechGrrl1972, who left this gem in the comments:

I love Jerry Pournelle’s work. His politics, not so much at this point. But I absolutely will not throw one single penny into that publishing house’s coffers.

Excellent! You see, for every comment like this that’s out there, one person will go buy it just to piss off her side of the debate and two more will go buy it just to find out what all the fuss is about. As a contributor to this particular work, I couldn’t bee more thrilled to see this comment. Except perhaps by the several others that follow in the same thread.

Thank you, TechGrrl1972! Thank you!

(H/T to Vox Day, the publisher of TWBW)

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