Just Say No to American Monarchy

americanmonarchyI have to admit to being absolutely flabbergasted that anybody is seriously considering voting for either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. It’s not because Hillary is an untrustworthy lying elitist who pretends to be a strong, independent woman but who actually rose to prominence on her husband’s coattails and stood by the lying cod while he abused his position of authority with a twenty-something intern. It’s not because Jeb bush is a pot smoking prep school frat boy who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has admitted that he’d repeat the same mistakes of his brother. All of this is true, and amazingly the voters don’t seem to care. Still, that’s not the real issue.

The real issue is that once upon a time one of the world’s greatest men turned down a third term of office because he was afraid of establishing an American Monarchy. The real issue is that we fought an intercontinental war to rid ourselves of a monarchy. The real issue is that we enshrined in our constitution that no American should be given a title of nobility.

There is absolutely no excuse for any self respecting American to vote for either one of these candidates. As memorial day passes and we remember the honored dead, remember too what they fought for. Remember what they died for. Whatever your politics are, literally any of the big name candidates would be a better choice than either of these two. Whatever your current pet cause is, whatever item you think is the litmus test, whatever single issue is a deal breaker for you, remember that if we allow our nation to slip into dynastic rule, none of those things will matter and all of those choices will be taken away from you.

Just Say No to American Monarchy.

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2 thoughts on “Just Say No to American Monarchy

  1. LaramieHirsch says:

    “The real issue is that we fought an intercontinental war to rid ourselves of a monarchy.”

    True. But have you personally ever considered the idea of a Christian Monarchy? Have you ever heard of Charles Coulombe?

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