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Call For Beta Readers – “Post Traumatic Stress”


2001_02_13 Blackhawk - One of the UH-60 Black Hawks that went down in the Kahuku Training area. US Army photo.

The first draft of Post Traumatic Stress is complete! There’s already a sample chapter available here.

I am looking for up to ten beta readers to help with the completion of the novel. There are really only two jobs of a beta reader:

  1. Tell me the parts that suck.
  2. Tell me the parts where you don’t understand what the hell I’m talking about.

That’s it. If part of the book confuses you or bores you, let me know. I’ll have a draft ready for beta readers sometime in late November or early December. After that, I’ll be expecting feedback pretty quickly. If you’re interested in that and would like to get early access to the book, please email