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A Pius Book Deal

Dragon Award nominated author Declan Finn.

Dragon Award nominated author Declan Finn.

I am pleased to announce the newest author in the Silver Empire family: Declan Finn. Mr. Finn is the Dragon Award nominated author of Honor at Stake, Sad Puppies Bite Back, and many more.

We have picked up Mr Finn for not one, not three, but five books! We’re picking up the entire Pius Trilogy – A Pius Man, A Pius Legacy, and A Pius Stand. We’re also picking up the related works, Pius Tales (a collection of short stories) and Pius History (the real history behind the trilogy). These books, previously self published by Mr. Finn, will continue to be available on Amazon.com through November 18, 2016.

apiusman_ebook-01Afterward, we’ll be taking them down for new covers, new ebook and print layouts, and a mild editing pass. We’ll be re-releasing the books soon, spacing them out a few months apart.

We’re very excited to have Mr. Finn aboard. This is a huge expansion for Silver Empire, and a big step forward for Mr. Finn. We look forward to a long partnership with him. For more information see the official Silver Empire press release, Mr. Finn’s blog, and his author page at SilverEmpire.org.

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