How Many #NeverTrump Endorse Trump This Week? - Russell Newquist

How Many #NeverTrump Endorse Trump This Week?


sessions_endorses_trumpOne of my own senators, Senator Jeff Sessions, was one of the earliest Donald Trump supporters behind the scenes. Reports show him being friendly to The Donald as early as last fall, and rumor has it that he wrote the GOP nominee’s official immigration plan. Yet the Alabama Senator didn’t officially endorse Trump until February 28th. Why did he wait so long?

Because February 28th was two days before the Alabama primary. The official endorsement came at what was then Trump’s largest rally to date. That rally also happened to be in Alabama.

In other words, they timed the endorsement for maximum effect. Which begs the question: how many supposed #NeverTrump players have planned to endorse Trump all along? And how many are waiting for maximum effect – most likely at Trump’s own request? My guess is “more than zero.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite certain that many #NeverTrumpers are wholly sincere and that many will never, ever endorse him. I’m equally certain that others are merely playing the game. I wholly expect several prominent Republican Trump bashers to make their official endorsements this week.

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