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World War Is A Fact On the Ground



  • Saudi Arabia has forces fighting in Yemen and is quietly providing aid in other Middle Eastern conflicts.
  • Boko Haram, an Islamic insurgency, is fighting in four African nations.
  • ISIS is involved in conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Libya, Algeria, and other parts of Africa… and France and the US and the Caucasus Mountains (in Russia).
  • Turkey has forces involved in civil war with Kurds in its own territory – a civil war that has spilled over into Iraq.
  • Pakistan is involved in the conflict in Afghanistan, it’s in semi-civil-war with itself, and it’s involved in conflict with India over Kashmir.
  • The US has forces involved in conflicts in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and has participated in and/or instigated conflict in the Ukraine.
  • Russia is involved in conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, the Caucasus Mountains and more.
  • The Phillipines is still fighting a conflict against Islamic insurgents… with US aid.

Notice the pattern yet? This isn’t just a list of all currently ongoing conflicts in the world. That list is much longer. Every conflict on this list is connected, and the fighting is occurring on at least four continents: Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. There’s a good case to be made that current conflicts in South America are part of this as well, bringing it up to five continents. That leaves only Australia and Antarctica out… but Australia has provided aid to the US in several of these conflicts, as have many western European nations.

There is interconnected conflict going on involving nations from at least five and maybe six continents involving dozens of countries. In what way is this not a world war already?

Only one: the intensity level is much lower than what we associate with a world war. Now consider further:

  • Saudi Arabia is fundamentally unstable, and getting worse.
  • Ukraine still hasn’t stabilized from its conflict.
  • ISIS’s influence outside of the middle east – and inside it – is growing.
  • Syria is fundamentally unstable.
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is threatening to blow up again.
  • Russia is meddling in everything in the Middle East, which is typical for them.
  • The US is also meddling in everything in the Middle East, and not always for the best.
  • Mass migration of refugees from the Middle East is already a destabilizing influence in Europe, and it’s getting worse.
  • Portugal, Italy, Spain and especially Greece still face major economic crises that threaten to destabilize them – just as that same mass migration is destabilizing in other ways.

Now tell me exactly how any of this isn’t going to the next level.

Russell Newquist

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