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My Twitter Analytics Are Seriously Fubarred


For the past several days, my Twitter Analytics have been… well, broken. First let’s take a look at them. Here’s a screen cap from just a few moments ago. I’ll fill in some actual numbers below.


The visual should be enough to show that something is off. Notice the sudden fall off in impressions (the blue bars) beginning on Sunday. Notice also that my rate of tweets per day hasn’t really changed much. It’s fluctuated well within the same range as the last 28 days.

But the numbers will really drive it home. First, in the last 10 days I’ve increased my Twitter followers by nearly 50%. One would therefore expect my impressions to generally increase, not fall off (ignore the spikes; those are days when high profile Twitter users retweeted me). But that last bar is the kicker – the one you can barely see. That’s for Wednesday, June 14 (I know… that’s tomorrow. For some reason my Twitter analytics reset the day at 7PM. I don’t get it either). That bar shows three organic impressions for the day. But that tweet was posted after the reset, and you can clearly see that it’s gotten 792 impressions in that time (more now).

What gives?

The last several days are like this. If I total the tweets manually, I get far more than Twitter is claiming I’ve gotten.

It gets crazier. This actually started happening to me on Thursday. Don’t see it in the graph? That’s because on Saturday the bars for Thursday and Friday suddenly jumped up to the levels you see now. Before that, they’d looked a lot more like today and yesterday did.

At first I thought I was shadowbanned again. I’m pretty sure it’s happened to me more than once. Traffic to my blog – especially traffic from Twitter – is also down. But blog traffic is only down a little, not by as much as this chart would suggest. But it’s clearly not that – or at least, not just a shadowban.

I’m not the only one. It’s happened to Morgon as well. And now this:

Twitter’s analytics are quite clearly broken. Something is horribly wrong with them.


After several discussions with others on Twitter, notably Mark Kern (@Grummz) and Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich), this appears to be a) very widespread and b) a bug, not censorship. It also seems that individual tweet metrics are correct (as best as we can tell) and it’s only the cumulative totals that are off. Also, Mr. Cernovich noted (I believe correctly, from my data) that there appears to be roughly a 2-day lag in Twitter getting its analytics updated.

Update 2 (6/20/16):

My numbers seem to be correct on Twitter analytics now. However, mouseovers are still broken. The position of the mouse doesn’t map correctly onto my charts.

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