New York Times Finally Learns to Count - Russell Newquist

New York Times Finally Learns to Count


The New York Times has finally figured out what I’ve been saying here for weeks and on Twitter for even longer: the delegate math is on Trump’s side.

“Trump has significant advantages, and that’s the way the system is designed,” said Joshua T. Putnam, a political science lecturer at the University of Georgia with an expertise in delegate selection. “It’s right in line with what the folks designing these rules wanted. It’s just not the candidate they preferred.”

This election was bought and paid for, lock stock and barrel, by the establishment for Jeb Bush. The reason I support Trump – the only reason I support him, but also the reason I’m 100% behind him – is because he’s the only candidate who was ever capable of destroying their corrupt game. He did it by hijacking their own process.

Unless today’s polls are completely wrong, tomorrow we’ll be waking up to headlines informing us that this game is all but over. Those headlines won’t be wrong.

Russell Newquist

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