The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves - Russell Newquist

The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves

"The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves" by Morgon Newquist

“The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves” by Morgon Newquist

The latest from my wife, “The Blacksmith and the Ice Elves”, is now available! You can pay $0.99 for it or you can download it straight from Silver Empire for free. Personally, I’d opt for the latter. But if you really want to pay us (and Amazon) we’ll take it!

Russell Newquist

My name is Russell Newquist. I am a software engineer, a martial artist, an author, an editor, a businessman and a blogger. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, but I'm technically a high school dropout. I also think that everything in this paragraph is pretty close to meaningless. I work for a really great small company in Huntsville, Alabama building really cool software. I'm the owner and head instructor of Madison Martial Arts Academy, which I opened in 2013 less to make money and more because I just really enjoy a good martial arts workout with friends. I'm the editor in chief of Silver Empire and also one of the published authors there. And, of course, there is this blog - and all of its predecessors. There's no particular reason you should trust anything I say any more than any other source. So read it, read other stuff, and think for your damn self - if our society hasn't yet over-educated you to the point that you've forgotten how.

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