Majority of One or Just an Asshole - Russell Newquist

Majority of One or Just an Asshole


Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one. — Henry David Thoreau

A more accurate but less feelgood version of the original quote:

Any man who is actually right when his neighbors is wrong constitutes a majority of one.

And the corollary:

Any man who isn’t actually right but insists that he is a majority of one is just an asshole.

The world seems to have a plethora of people in the first and third categories. It’s unfortunate that we have so few in the second category.

Russell Newquist

My name is Russell Newquist. I am a software engineer, a martial artist, an author, an editor, a businessman and a blogger. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, but I'm technically a high school dropout. I also think that everything in this paragraph is pretty close to meaningless. I work for a really great small company in Huntsville, Alabama building really cool software. I'm the owner and head instructor of Madison Martial Arts Academy, which I opened in 2013 less to make money and more because I just really enjoy a good martial arts workout with friends. I'm the editor in chief of Silver Empire and also one of the published authors there. And, of course, there is this blog - and all of its predecessors. There's no particular reason you should trust anything I say any more than any other source. So read it, read other stuff, and think for your damn self - if our society hasn't yet over-educated you to the point that you've forgotten how.

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